National Alliance on MENTAL ILLNESS (NAMI)

Publicis Health Intern Pitch Winner

Through my internship at Publicis Health, I worked along side 11 other interns on a pitch for NAMI. Our task was to work to erase the stigma in talking about mental health in college or high school students. 

We set ourselves apart because we decided to focus on more preventative methods in a program built solely for high schoolers. Our reasoning being twofold: One, not everyone goes to college, and two, we realized none of us had ever gotten mental health education until we got to college, almost as an afterthought. 

That's where H.E.A.R.D. week comes in. A week-long series of events and, most importantly, discussions to normalize discussing mental health. 

Client / NAMI

Role / Art Director & Designer

Year / 2018

Presentation snapshots

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