The Spot on Main Mural

I was commissioned by The Spot on Main, a cafe in Jackson, OH, to design and paint a mural on their auxiliary building to point customers to the shop’s nearby storefront. Through a steady stream of caramel mocha coldbrews and a healthy dose of collaboration, we were able to add a colorful, 416-square-foot spark to their community.

Seeing this project through from the concept (sketch, design, and art direction) to the physical application (tracing and painting) was an incredible opportunity and I had a blast doing it.

Client / The Spot on Main


Role / Designer & Muralist


Year / 2019



My first-ever mural allowed me to try out many different kinds of design solutions to solve The Spot's specific communications needs. The owner wanted to honor the historic aspect of their main location, while simultaneously attracting all ages to visit the shop. I solved with a clean design, simplistic sans serif type, and vintage illustrations. Additionally, the design had to accommodate for the varying surfaces of the wall - the door, windows, wiring, and one especially awkward vent. 

Check out these photos to see everything from the first sketches to tracing and painting!