schlitz park

I threw my hat in the ring for a 10,000 square foot mural in Milwaukee, on the old campus of the iconic Schlitz Brewery. I was one of the three finalists, but for now I can dream about what it'd be like to paint at seven stories up.

The client wanted the rich history of the brewery campus (now a mixed-use office park) to be fully represented, with a welcoming feeling. I dove deep into Schlitz' history, scouring old pictures of tied-house saloons, parades during Prohibition's repeal, and vintage bottles. 

Client / Schlitz Park


Role / Designer


Year / 2020


Each section tells a story. The overall upwards diagonal design is a nod to the parallelogram in the Schlitz logo, and the colors are taken from the paint on the turret seen in the center white section.


Other details include nods to: Schlitz' invention of the brown beer bottle, their belted globe logo, the arched gateway to the park, the flourish under "Famous"coming from the original logo, the silhouette of the old Schlitz Tivoli beer garden, the steam engine that brought beer to Milwaukee at the end of Prohibition, and the new Schlitz Park icon logo. 


Photo via Suburban Asphalt