Honest Tea

Honest Tea needed to remind customers that they weren't like the other tea brands: they were built from the ground up on real, organic and fair trade ingredients.


Copywriter Jimmy Baras and I created this multifaceted campaign to communicate to consumers in fun and engaging ways that Honest Tea's ingredients are so real, they can't help but be refreshingly honest.

Class / Portfolio 3​

Role / Art Director

Year / 2018

Refreshingly honest Bitmojis serve to give a reality check to that friend whose Bitmoji is a liiiittle bit too good-looking. The plugin uses real photos of them to create a more accurate Bitmoji representation. 


Refreshingly honest emojis fill the gap left by traditional emoji packs. Honest Tea is here to change that with a kit of emojis for both Apples/Androids. 


Honesty is always better when there’s a touch of sweetness, just like our teas.. 


There are times when it’s hard to tell the truth. Honest Tea’s refreshingly honest cards give us a way to say the things we really mean with just a bit of sweetness.