Otto's Army

Advertising and design are in the business of problem solving, and there's nowhere I learned that better than as the President of SU’s student section, Otto’s Army. 

Last minute fatheads, relatable memes, writing emails people actually wanted to read,  budget proposals to one of the biggest athletic departments in college sports, and just generally having fun. Oh yeah, and public speaking in front of thousands of people. 

Role / President & Promotions Officer

Years / 2015-2019

SIGNS and memes

THAT TIME I WON two plane tickETS

My freshman year, Otto's Army hosted a Dress Like Jim Boeheim contest, where students donned clothes reminiscent of 1970s Boeheim. I was picked from the fans to compete on the court in front of 20,000+ fans, to be judged by Juli Boeheim herself, and won with my reenactment of Boeheim's famous jacket-throwing Duke incident.