foundation for appalachian ohio

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio is an incredibly multifaceted community foundation with the mission to create opportunities for the region's citizens and communities by inspiring and supporting philanthropy.

Working alongside their marketing team, I create reports, mailers, and event materials for their various initiatives for donors, community members, and legislators. 

Client / Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

Role / Designer

Year / 2019 - Present

gt2 report

One of FAO's initiative's is the Give Today. Grow Tomorrow. Program, which places half of someone's donations into programs that benefit the immediate need, and half that plan for the future. It makes a ton of sense, which made this report a lot of fun to work on. Challenges included mixing various amounts of type with a host of different images, all while maintaining a consistent visual language. 

Matching cards

The Foundation has a matching donation initiative, and mailed out sets of these matching cards to potential donors. Sets within the cards created a matching game for people to play during Thanksgiving, all while being reminded of the great opportunities FAO makes for the region. This set is just a few of the cards I created.

valentine's day mailer

Another tactic to play off the matching aspect of their donations, these cards were mailed to potential donors. I had the task of making fun matchmaker illustrations and keeping the inside engaging while incorporating the copy. 


Legislative report

Right before I joined the team, FAO had secured an incredible $10 Million matching grant from the State of Ohio. I created this report to highlight the progress they made in one year (over halfway there!). The most impressive stat is that within the past year, they saw an over 3300% increase in individual donors.