Various Mr Tod's Stickers

Mr. Tod's Pies

Tod Wilson is a grade A kind of guy that makes some seriously delicious pies. But when COVID-19 affected his shop, he reached out to The Art of Good for some brand identity guidance. I joined in after the logo had been created, worked on some additional creative material, and art directed the lifestyle and e-commerce product photoshoots.

Client / Mr. Tod's Pies

Role / Art Director & Designer

Year / 2020-Present

Partner / TAOG

BusinesS CARDS

We started by introducing a simple tagline and pie-crust shape for the business cards. Pie is just one of those things that makes people smile, and I wanted people to feel that excitement when Tod hands them a card.

Mr Tod's Business Cards


Boy I can't wait to see this in person. It's in the hands of the vehicle wrapping people now, but it sure was fun to design.

Mr Tod Truck Wrapping Design
Mr Tod Truck Wrapping Design


To help our customers get the most of their pie delivery, we created this suggestions card.

Mr Tod Serving Suggestions