Corn Free Candy

Corn products are in seventy-five percent of all processed food, which is especially problematic for people who are allergic. Corn Free Candy is a (fictitious) company that sells candy made without corn products.

Class / Type & Image

Role / Designer and Copywriter

Year / 2018



People with food allergies outside the big 8 spend a lot of their time looking at labels, and we wanted to be extremely straightforward to them.


The logo is simple, but it packs a punch. The letters are bold and the type is organic, with its rounded and approachable terminals. Most importantly, it clearly communicates who the company is and what they do. The logo’s punctuation is a crucial visual and symbolic aspect in the visual identity: Corn Free Candy is a company who makes candy without corn, period.


annual report

After branding, the next challenge was to break out from the brand standards and try to create an annual report that was in our brand's voice, but stuck with a theme. I had a ton of fun flexing my writing and illustration chops for this one.